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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal
Sep 18, 2019 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa


Everything you need to know before getting laser hair removal

If you are tired of daily shaving causing ingrown hairs and skin irritation or constantly spending money on waxing, you should consider laser hair removal. One session is usually 2-3 times quicker than waxing.

The laser not only removes the visible part of the hair, but also destroys its follicles. After the first procedure, 30% of hair is removed, and by the end of the course — 90-100% of dark hair and 70-80% of light hair. If suddenly any hair grows back, they become thinner, rarer and lighter. You can get rid of hair in 6-8 procedures, which on average will take about 6 months. If your hair is light, you will need more sessions, darker hair needs less. This is due to the amount of pigment that the laser can heat and destroy. In one session, it is possible to get rid of an average of 25% of body hair. Next, the “sleeping” follicles “wake up” and give life to new hairs, so, unfortunately, it is impossible to get all the work done with only one session. 

Modern laser devices are made in that way so during the treatment you feel as comfortable as possible. Most of them are equipped with cooling systems. This means that the laser will heat only hairs, not your skin. The procedure is suitable even for very sensitive skin. It does not damage the skin and causes no burns or scars. There might appear only a slight redness, which will pass in an hour or two. 

Do not drink alcohol before the procedure, hangover makes everything more painful. Often in this state our nervous system becomes particularly sensitive, causing trembling, sweating and sensitivity to light, touch and sound. 

If you take a course of antibiotics, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure. Antibiotics are a light-sensitive drug, meaning they make the skin more sensitive and susceptible to light. Since laser hair removal is a light-based hair removal method, you can easily get skin damage. 

Also exposing to the sun is on the forbidden list. If the laser is used on a part of the body that has recently been in the sun for a long time, it will heat the skin too much and can cause skin damage. Therefore, although it may seem tempting to show on the beach your silky smooth skin, you need to be patient for a week or two before and after the session.



We recommend that you check with your personal 
physician prior to receiving laser treatments if you are taking a long-term antibiotic.

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