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Skin care in the summer
Jun 3, 2018 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa

    Do you like the sun and summer weather? But your skin does not. If you do not take care of it properly in summertime you can notice the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, greasy shine and enlarged pores.

The main problems faced by our skin in the summer is the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Classic examples: sunburn, pigmentation disorders (age spots), as well as damage to collagen and elastin fibers, the so-called photoaging (wrinkles).

 Of course, ultraviolet radiation is harmful not only in summer. Dangerous for our beauty and health rays of group A, capable of causing even cancer, are present in the atmosphere all year round and in any weather. Therefore, dermatologists recommend daily apply to the face a sunscreen with a factor of SPF not less than 15, and in the summer with a higher factor, for example, 30. This will prevent many skin troubles. For protection in the city it is enough to pick up a sunscreen with SPF 15-30 (it can be a daytime moisturizer or a foundation). If you are going to the beach, grab a special sunscreen with more powerful filters, for example, 50-60.

 High temperature is also not the best friend of the skin. Sweating increases in the heat. Sebum on the surface dissolves into sweat, and the face becomes greasy. In addition, grease mixed with sweat and dirt can be clogged into enlarged pores and cause the formation of pimples, inflammation and blackheads. 

 Twice a day (morning and evening) clean the skin from dust and grease with gentle cleansers, exfoliate dead cells with a soft scrub, and use a moisturizer with antioxidants and vitamins. Once a week face masks are welcome!

 Under the influence of sunlight moisture evaporates intensively from the surface of the skin, which can lead to dehydration and, as a consequence, the appearance of wrinkles.

Use face creams and body lotions that increase the skin's ability to retain moisture. This effect is possible due to the familiar ingredients — hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture by keeping moisture inside the skin. Glycerin intensely nourishes the skin with moisture from the outside. These two components are able to provide moisture to the skin for 12 hours, while helping it to adapt to changes in external temperature and humidity. 

Vitamins A and E normalize the sebaceous glands and prevent excessive sebum.

 Sun rays are one of the factors that cause hyperpigmentation - excessive color of certain areas of the skin. The problem can be prevented by carefully protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation every day.





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