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Types of Massages and Which One to Choose
Jan 16, 2019 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa

Everyone needs some rest once in a while – a blissful state, during which you can leave all the worries behind, relax and give a break to the tired mind and body. And when it comes to the perfect rest for the body, can you think of anything better than getting a massage? After all, having a massage is not only a great way to relax, but also a method of prevention and treatment of many diseases. It has a healing effect on the body, helps to relax or to gain energy and cheer up.
It should be noted that in the history of its development, there are many varieties of massage – some types of massage are able to cheer up, some help to recover from injury, or relax after a hard day's work. So there is a question: what kind of massage to choose for yourself, what kind of massage will bring maximum benefit and pleasure in my particular case? This article contains brief information about the most popular areas of massage – it will help to navigate and choose the perfect kind of massage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the kind of massage with which most people associate massage in general. Swedish massage involves a combination of several types of movements: stroking at the beginning and end of the massage, kneading the muscles, more like kneading dough, tapping and rubbing. At the same time, Swedish massage techniques involve kneading any seals of the subcutaneous fat layer, which the masseur discovers from the client.
The Swedish massage technique involves movements of strong intensity, so that the effect can be quite ... tangible.
Swedish massage is suitable for those who want to relax, relieve stress, or relax the "clamps" - problem points, tense zones and clamped muscles.

Deep tissue massage

This kind of massage exists to work with problem areas in the body, and the task of the masseur is a therapeutic effect on the "problem points" during the massage. The masseur works with" clamps " of muscles of the client, strongly pressing fingers and elbows on the most painful places. However, the deep tissue massage is carried out pressing on special body points and the masseur will not turn the whole body of the client into a solid sore spot.
It is worth admitting that this type of massage is not suitable for everyone: it does not bring the desired relaxation, and after it you may have sore muscles for several days in a row. However, if there is a need to treat old "clamps", painful points, then there is no better option than a deep muscle massage.

Most often this massage is recommended for three categories of people:
* Athletes with inflated bodies, for whom deep tissue massage is almost the only way to "break through" to the problem clamps;
* People with a thick skin and a strong muscular layer, the other types of massage may not have the desired effect, in contrast to deep tissue massage;
* People who with the help of massage want to speed up the process of "resorption" of scars.

Hot stones massage

Massage with hot stones promotes deep muscle relaxation, and it is ideal for relaxation after a hard day's work. This massage technique is recommended as a remedy for fatigue, a method of treatment in the early stages of colds, as well as a means of treating osteochondrosis and a method of working with muscle clamps.
The procedure of such massage technique combines the touch of warm hands of the masseur and massage movements carried out on the body with special stones heated to a pretty high temperature. In some parts of the body, stones are left throughout the massage session – for better warming up and relaxing the muscles.
Thus, almost any massage technique can bring a lot of pleasure and benefit, and the choice of a particular type of massage depends on your needs and desires.

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