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Unforgettable Summer with Ideal Eyelashes
Jun 17, 2018 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa

     In the summertime, it is optimal to apply a minimal amount of makeup. We want to look attractive and expressive, and at the same time, natural. This is because the natural look is a remaining trend for the warm season.

Do you have to apply mascara everyday to emphasize your eyes? Do you highlight them and make them visually brighter?

Let’s talk about some treatments which will help you achieve the look you desire while eliminating the need for too much makeup.

     The first treatment we will touch on is Eyelash Tinting. It is the simplest, and most popular treatment. Eyelash Tinting becomes especially popular before and during the holiday season, and also during seasonal changes, such as in the summer when you are swimming in the sea, the ocean, or a pool. Rain and other environmental circumstances will not affect the color of the eyelashes.  For the tinting process, a special paint (not hair dye!) is used, and the entire process of the tinting takes about 15-20 minutes. The color will remain on your lashes for about 1.5 to 2 weeks, and gradually fade away. This option is suitable for the ladies and girls whose eyelashes are already quite long and thick, but very light in color. Eyelash tinting  makes the eyelashes darker and bolder, while other parameters remain the same. 

     The second treatment we’ll talk about is Eyelash Extensions. If you feel your eyelashes not only need color, but also more volume and length, then we recommend this treatment for you. This procedure opens the lightest possibilities for working with the eyelashes appearance. For example you can vary the thickness, choose the degree (bend) and length. More over, a professional “lash-maker” can even model the shape of the eye with the help of the extension. This means, the lashes will be applied in a certain way, correcting any imbalances, achieving harmony and balance in the facial features. Example: the extension makes it possible to visually lift a hooded eyelid, widen or narrow the distance between your eyes, visually change the depth of the eyes, make the eyes appear larger, etc. The lash extension process takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The artificial eyelash is secured with tweezers and a microscopic drop of glue to adhere to the natural lash. Modern, high quality materials for extensions (which we use) are safe and hypoallergenic. Properly extended eyelashes are comfortable to wear, and do not interfere with, or felt in the eyes. This effect will last for about 2.5 - 3 weeks, after which the lashes should be removed or corrected.

     Last, but certainly not least, is Eyelash Lifting. The demand for this procedure increases with the beginning of Summer.  With this procedure, the volume of your lashes increases by about 30 %! A beautiful curl is created , and you also have the option to get a darker shade for your eyelashes. During this procedure, the eyelashes are laid on “rollers” or curlers, to create the desired form. The resulting bend/curl is fixed into place and covered with nutritious and protective compounds. The effect of Eyelash Lifting lasts for about a month and a half, sometimes longer. The eyelashes will then gradually return to their original state. Eyelash Lifting will not require correction, creates a very natural look, and will protect the eyelashes from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, salt, and chlorinated water.


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