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What is a body wrap?
Dec 15, 2018 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa

Body wrap is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure. During this treatment the whole body or some parts of it are covered with a body mask, and then wrapped in a film. As a result of the creation of a “greenhouse effect”, the active components of masks start working intensively on the skin. 

With body wraps professionals usually use masks based on clay, healing mud and seaweed enriched with vitamins and oils. They are able to make the contours of the body thinner in a few procedures, eliminating puffiness, improving microcirculation and toning tissues. 

With the help of body wraps it is possible to solve several problems at once: to correct the body shape, increase the elasticity of the skin and even improve the overall condition of the body. Wraps also help to get rid of stretch marks, significantly reducing them and improving the appearance of the skin. The active components of the masks penetrate deeply into the skin, stimulating cell renewal-thanks to this, the quality of the skin is noticeably improved. It is recommended to combine wraps with the use of a scrub for better results.

 There are two types of wraps: cold and hot.

* The first option is a hot wrap, in which the mask includes components that warm up the body. It can also be heated to a temperature of 36-37°C before application. To enhance the effect, the body is covered with a blanket. This wrap activates blood circulation, opens the pores and removes the appearance of cellulite.

* The second option is a cold wrap, which does not involve any heating masks and adding warming ingredients. The mask is applied to the body, which is then covered with a film, and acts only at the expense of active ingredients. As a result cold wraps improve skin tone, remove swelling and stretch marks.

 This procedure is performed in the following steps:

* cleansing the skin with a scrub;

* applying the selected mask to the problem areas of the body and wrapping them with a film;

* active stage, when the mask is absorbed into the skin (up to 60 minutes);

* the removal of the film and masks;

* washing off residues in the shower;

* applying a tonic or anti-cellulite agent.

It is not recommended to get the procedure with an increase in body temperature, viral and infectious diseases, varicose veins, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies to certain components of the mask. During pregnancy, it is better to consult a specialist beforehand.

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