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What is  Eyebrow Lamination?
Oct 19, 2019 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa

If you are wondering what is eyebrow lamination and how it will save you time and keep your face’s image the same no matter how bad the weather is, continue reading this article and you will learn all the tips about the new service presented in Vogue Lashes and Spa.

The right form and styling of eyebrows will not leave others indifferent. But, even the most resistant eyebrow gels can melt in the pouring rain or from chlorinated pool water. In addition, daily styling eyebrows easily take 20-30 minutes of your free time.

Since the lamination of eyebrows is the most fashionable beauty trend in 2019, we decided to explain in details what kind of procedure it is, how it goes, what effect should be expected from it and who will be suitable for this procedure.

What is eyebrow lamination?
Long-lasting styling of the eyebrows is a lamination of the hairs which secures them in the right direction. The procedure provides deep care, restoration and instant transformation of the eyebrows. It appeared not so long ago, taking its origin from the eyelash lift. At first it was called biofixation of the eyebrows and was performed by the same products. Then, there appeared a second generation of these products made specially for eyebrows.

The effects from the eyebrow lamination
* Strengthening of the eyebrows. Due to the influence of therapeutic and nutritional elements, the hairs are strengthened, become 30% more voluminous and thick. Please note that the procedure has an accumulating effect and with next visit the eyebrows will add 10% in volume and thickness. In total, you will need only three sessions to give the hair 50% more volume!
* Improving the appearance of the eyebrows: the hairs receive a beautiful expressive color, incredible shine and a new shape.

What provides these effects?
The answer to this question lies in the components of the lotions: they include hydrolyzed keratin, which perfectly absorbs into the structure of the hair and fills the damaged areas; collagen, which moisturizes the hair and protects it from the sun, wind and humidity; tocopherol, which prolongs the life of each hair due to the supply of oxygen; and argan oil to enhance the hair.

How is the procedure performed
Eyebrow lamination usually includes three steps: first, the technician styles and fixes the eyebrows with the help of special lotions, then corrects the shape of the eyebrows and tints the eyebrows in a proper shade using a special tint or henna.

Who is suitable for this procedure?
Eyebrow lamination is most suitable for those with thick unruly eyebrows with stiff hairs that are difficult to style. However, the procedure is also good for those with thin, damaged or rare eyebrows. The lamination will strengthen the hairs, fill them with life and color, and help to look fabulous. With lamination you can create on-trend “bushy” effect of combed straight up fluffy eyebrows.
However, it should not be done in the presence of unhealed abrasions and scratches. Also make sure that you are not allergic to the products used during the procedure.

How long does the result last?
Well-groomed and styled eyebrows will delight you for 2-3 months. The exact duration of the effect depends on the natural characteristics and how you will care for your eyebrows after the salon procedure. First of all, do not overload them with makeup. Also, do not use any peelings and scrubs in the eyebrows area. Repeat the procedure every 1.5-2 months. Try not to wet your eyebrows during the first 24 hours (do not take a bath or shower, do not engage in active physical exercises, do not be outside in the rain, and do not visit saunas). Shaping of eyebrows is carried out only after the procedure of eyebrows lamination. Before the procedure, do not use any peelings and scrubs in the eyebrow area.

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