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Why do clients often choose a gel manicure?
Jul 18, 2018 | by Vogue Lashes and Spa

     Nowadays gel polishes (CND, OPI, LUXIO, Perfect Match and others) have almost replaced regular nail polishes (ZOYA, YAPA, ESSIE and others), and this is not surprising. The reasons are its durability with no chips, bright and shiny coating for a few weeks, and most importantly, you do not have to sit still and wait until the polish dries.

     Gel polish is a hybrid that incorporates the best properties of polish coatings: easy application, bright shine and a rich palette of colors and modeling gels, no odor, long service life, and resistance to damage. Nevertheless, the chemical formula of this coating contains substances that provide deep penetration and adhesion to a natural nail. The appropriate performance of applying and removal of such covering can assure protection of a natural nail from damages.  

     How to remove gel from your nails?

     First of all, both nail technician and client should understand that this coating can not be "worn" more than the manufacturer's term (2-4 weeks), even if the nails still look good. The adhesion of the coating to the nail gradually increases, and to remove it will require a more aggressive method, which may eventually harm the nails. Secondly, it is important to remove gel polish with a proper technique. At Vogue Lashes and Spa nail technicians use a soaking off technique wrapping nails in foil with a piece of cotton with acetone. For those who have sensitive or dry skin a technician may apply a moisturizer around the nails before the procedure. A nail file machine can also be used for a gel removal which allows to remove only a gel coat with color, the coating should not be removed completely but to the base coat only. If clients try to peel off the gel polish, it will be removed with a part of the nail’s plate. It is important to contact you nail technician for a proper gel removal.

     Do your nails need a break from a gel manicure?

     With the constant use of a gel polish, some clients begin to think that their nails need some time off the gel manicure. Experts believe that you can get gel manicures regularly without any breaks. The main problems may pop up not because of having a gel coating on your nails, but because of improper nails care, thus nails require care no less than hands’ skin. For your nails to be in a perfect condition, you should provide them and cuticles with the nourishment they need. It is important to use special moisturizers, which include natural oils: almond, jojoba and others.

     To avoid unpleasant consequences, you should monitor your nails and skin’s condition. If you have any skin or nails diseases, gel polish can worsen the situation, but it will not bring any harm for healthy nails.



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